About Words Connect

Words Connect is a professional writing firm that specializes in helping companies to connect with their customers. Our clients

In today's competitive markets, it is critical to communicate effectively with customers and partners. Words Connect can help you craft and deliver the most effective and most powerful customer communications.

Words Connect is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and has clients from a diverse set of industries across the US and around the world.

About the Principal Consultant

Bob Moon founded Words Connect after more than 15 years of professional writing experience. He has a broad background as a technical writer, marketing writer, and web site designer.

About RIGHTWriters

We partner with RIGHTWriters for many of our projects. RIGHTWriters is an Atlanta-based writing services company that provides unparalleled technical writing, marketing writing, and project management services. We are proud to consider Terri Germann and her staff at RIGHTWriters as partners in providing writing services that will make an impact on your business.


Words Connect writing services
Words Connect writing services
Words Connect writing services

  Our clients say:

  "Your breadth
  of knowledge
  and skills, in
  both technology
  and marketing,
  provide my
  company with
  strong business
  Jill Wolfe,
  Desert Wolfe