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Note: Words Connect no longer offers web hosting services. If you need assistance with web hosting, please contact us for a referral: or 404-435-0391.

-- What is the difference between a web designer and a webmaster?
-- Do I need a webmaster if I have web hosting?

How people define these terms will differ, but you will need someone (maybe yourself) to fill each of those roles if you want to have a web site. Whether you do these "jobs" yourself or pay someone to do them, they have to be done.

A web designer is someone who designs the graphics and layout of a web page. You may also have a marketing copywriter to write the copy.

A webmaster takes care of loading the web site files onto the web hosting server, and takes care of maintaining the web site and email setup. Some web designers also serve as webmasters--others don't.

A web host provides the computer space and connection to the internet so that others can find your web site. This person is like the "landlord" for your site.

Words Connect can help you with any of these jobs. We provide web hosting, do web site design and layout, and can even serve as your site's webmaster if needed. Contact us today to learn more about each of these services.


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