FAQs on Word Templates

These are some common questions we hear when talking about creating custom Word templates.

Q: I can buy a Word newsletter template online for $100. Is yours like that?

The templates you can buy or find free online are great if you want a flashy format for a small document such as a newsletter or marketing datasheet. You won't find many documentation templates for that price.

Our templates are designed for tech writers by tech writers. They give you rich functionality that writers need--covers, tables of contents, bulleted and numbered list styles, an index, headers and footers, and much more.

Q: What do I get with your custom template?

For a typical custom template engagement, we deliver the Word template (.dotm) and one or more starter files (.docx). Our templates include a custom Word Ribbon toolbar that gives you access to common documentation functions (apply common styles, insert formatted notes and tables, set document variables).

The starter documents are formatted to use the template, and they contain the document structures you need in each file (cover page, table of contents, a few major headings, an index). Each document is set up with appropriate headers and footers that include document variables (book title, section headers, company name, etc.). These documents can be customized to fit your company branding requirements (such as company fonts and colors).

Using the starter document and the toolbar, writers can quickly create documentation without spending time on defining the format, structure, and look and feel.

If you need to produce long documents (100 pages or more), we can also create multi-chapter starter files. These are separate starter documents for the front matter, TOC, and index, along with one chapter starter that you use to create each chapter.

Q: How much does the template cost?

Since we're building a customized template that your company can use for years, it doesn't come cheap. We have a proprietary template "toolkit" that we use to create the template, and then we customize the layout for look and for branding. We can also customize the Ribbon toolbar based on how you'll use the documents.

A typical template engagement runs $1500 - $2000, though of course, since it is a custom project, we can work with you on that.


Words Connect writing services
Words Connect writing services
Words Connect writing services

Our clients say:

"With the
directive to move
all our files from
FrameMaker to
Word before our
next release, it
was critical that
we have good,
solid Word
templates and
processes to
make the tasks
easier to

Shelley Wills,
Nuasis Corp.