Personal and professional writing content from Bob Moon


I have been writing in one form or another for more than 30 years.

When I was looking to brand my consulting business, the phrase Words Connect seemed to encapsulate my underlying belief about communication of all types. I chose that name and domain for my web site.

Writing is about connecting people with ideas. Whether that is in a personal essay, a business document, the marketing of products and companies, or technical information, the point of writing is to share ideas with other people.

While I no longer make a living as a writing consultant (well, unless you have some sweet side gig you’d like to offer), I still believe in the power of words to connect people. The best writing helps others learn, understand, and grow to achieve something–perhaps something they didn’t know they needed.


I am shaking the dust off this site to include both personal content and professional content.

Personal Content

Here are links to recent personal posts.

Note: The views expressed here are my own, and not those of my employer.

Professional Content

Follow this link to the home page of my previous web site. (Caveat: be prepared for a “last decade” experience as I consider what to keep and what to update.)

Words Connect Writing Services

On Ramp: Helping Your Son Start His Journey to Manhood

I wrote a book for Christian dads (and moms) who are raising young men entering their teen years. I’ve migrated blog articles on those topics to this site.

While some things have changed since I wrote the book (it’s overdue for a revision), some truths never change.


W*rd C*nnect, the Game

If you landed here to get help with a game you’re playing on your phone, you’ve come to the wrong place.

This site, and the person behind it, cannot help you with problems–or frustrations–you have with this game.

That game is produced by Zenjoy, so please contact them.